What My Caprice
Got For

Went to my local Chevy Dealer in November 2000
inquired about the price of a Hood Ornament
for my "Baby Girl" for her stocking stuffer.

They want $38.00 for a little piece of metal
that does not even weight a pound.
So I thought, how can I get one cheaper?????

OK how about a junk yard?????
Went to two in my area,
all had the same chip out of it as mine did..

So I enquired around via email and NA DA.


Went to Cormier Chevrolet Dealer yesterday 1/2/01
asked for John (parts distributor).
Gave John the flyer I made to place on Caprice's I see while out & about. Told him about some of the great Caprice owners I have met on-line.
And that I was ready to purchase the Hood Ornament.
John sold it to me at the wholesale price $28.31 + tax(Thank You John!).

Picked up my "Emblem" yesterday 1/4/01, and went right over to my mechanic's to put it on.
The shop was buzzin as usual....
Showed Miles the new Emblem and popped the hood.
Took a look to see how the old one comes off, there are two small nuts with thread notches in them.
Miles came over with a small wrench, made sure it fit and handed it to me.

OK - Now I know the old rhyme...
Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty.
So I turned Left, and turned & turned & turned, but the nut was just spinnin.
Miles walked by again & I told him the Rhyme and that nothing was happening. He tried & said because the nuts are underneath I have to turn Right.
I did & off they came, put the new one on and had Miles do a check.
Asked him if I got a Pat On The Head or A Kick In The Butt.....
I got a Pat On The Head!

So, I thought how can I make this up to her (not getting her Hood Ornament in her stocking?
New Floor Mats!!!!!!

Before Christmas I was "Surfing the Web" and found CarParts.com
and they had Dash Covers for $29.00 + tax
I called them they next day & mailed out my check the next week.
4th of January
the "Baby Girl" issporting her new Gray Dash Cover for all to see.